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the beginnings of my inspiration for metalsmithing



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Candace McFarland

I was born Candace Miller, and raised in the small town of Clintwood Virginia. I think I've been an artist since before I knew what the term really meant. Granted, the drawings I did up until after high school are not very good in my opinion, but I bet Mom has a stack of them hidden somewhere. She always told me that I beat to a different drum, whenever I asked why I wasn't like the other kids my age. Boy, was she ever right. It wasn't until I hit college, that I realized that there were others who beat to the same drum I did. I have some of the craziest friends, but they are awesome. Apparently, It is always a good day when they see me with a sketch book. And no matter where I work, the friends there will ask 'whatcha workn on today?' when they see me with one. So, watch out world. I'm crazy, and I have art tools, and I'm just twisted enough to use them!

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