I've looked at other artist statements, and i can't help but notice how neat and clean they all look. I also can't help but notice that I've never met an artist who was neat or clean. We usually are covered in whatever material we work in, with our stuff sprawled out everywhere. Friends have told me that when I walk into a room with my art things, I literally take over. That room is now mine.

            Maybe, there are people that come behind us and fix all our weird ramblings. I'm pretty sure that's what this is anyway. I find it tedious and boring to explain that I am an artist...this is my process...this is what I do, because for me that is valuable time I could be working on a new design or discussing techniques and my mind is already somewhere else. Sometimes, people give me this dear in the headlights look whenever I go in detail about the processes I have to do in order to produce that beautiful creation that caught their eye.

            Here is all i can think of to tell you about what my art, myself. I am an artist. If there is an art form that interests me, you can bet I'll try my hand at it at least once or twelve hundred times. Right now, I paint, draw, metal smith, and soon I will get into clay working. Really excited about that, by the way. My interests are detail and intricacy, and it depends on the moment if it is abstract or realism. 

            I have also been told that it takes a large amount of patience to do what I do, and i'm here to tell you that that is cake (please let there be gamers who understand that). It does not take patience to do what I do. Think about it, when it comes to metal smithing I get to hit, cut and burn things. Im pretty sure i'm cussing something out when I accidentally hurt myself in the studio. It's not patience, it's anger management. There is a method to my madness, i swear it.


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