Artist's who have been an encouraging inspiration to me throughout my life

Georgette Hamilton

(cuz she's been encouraging me to do my best always, to always draw what i see, and she's my mom ^_^)

Bill Deel (I think i'm spelling that right)

(for letting me be one of the very few 9th graders to take his art class, though he doesn't know it, i learned a lot from him)

Ellen Elmes

(for planting the seed that became my love of painting, and for teaching me how to shade with acrylics)

Alice Harrington

(for seeing a kindred soul and trying to encourage it to work out of the boundaries it knew)

Donna Wilt

(for teaching me the fundamentals of drawing a figure through every basic drawing method out there, and combining figure drawing class and anatomy class. Thanks to her, I understand better the bone structure, and muscles of a human being to better represent the figure)

Anna Kell

(for nurturing my love of colour, and opening my eyes to new ways of painting, and teaching me to stretch my own canvas)

David Dixon

(even though I will never be a graphic designer, he always encouraged me to try everything and see what it does)

Ralph Slatton

(though i will never be a print maker, he did love the concepts behind my prints. I think he still has a couple of them. That, and he is a crazy cool character)

Scott Koterbay

(for showing me Art History didn't have to be utterly boring, by being a cool dude and teaching us things about contemporary art that I might not have heard elsewhere)

Mindy Herrin

(for introducing me to metalsmithing, nurturing my desire to explore 3D art forms, encouraging experimentation, and demanding more of me. I will always strive to become better at this)

Mira Gerard

(for introducing me to oil painting, though i thought it would be difficult and would never leave my beloved acrylic, i found that i enjoyed oils more. though we have different ways of painting, i appreciate knowing the formal way of it. Also, for being very interested in my wendy's paintings, which had started out as a way to vent my frustrations, and was an idea i did not think she would like)

Andrew Ross

(for being another who was interested in my frustrated wendy's works, and getting me to explore and experiment way outside of my comfort zone, and for being a part of the many people who helped me to realize that the old way of thinking "those who can't do, teach" had never been true to begin with, and that those who teach, do great things beyond that.)

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